Service plans

Design, supply and implementation of new investments. Evaluation and possible optimization of existing projects.


  • PV Live

    With basic access package, you can control in real time the operation of your solar station, through PVLive Portal.

  • Annual maintenance and proper operation of inverters

    The annual maintenance includes the maintenance and operation of the inverters controls. Preventive maintenance will be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Direct telephone support

    The continuous operation of the inverters is a key factor to maximize the availability and efficiency of the solar station. In case of failure of an inverter, it is important that early diagnosis of an error and a prompt mobilization to place all the actions needed to repair the damage.

    In case of failure of one inverter, telephone support is provided for all hours of the day, all days of the year. Specialized technician of our company is available by phone.

  • Available for immediate intervention

    If failure occurs leading to production loss, which can not be remedied remotely, technicians of our company are available to go to work within 48 hours. For more immediate restoration of damage, our company owns three service stations in Athens, Thessaloniki and Tripoli.


  • Basic

  • Integrated monitoring

    Integrated monitoring, the operation of your solar stations, checked daily by us, from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year. In addition, we provide technical support tailored to your needs.

    • Remote daily monitoring of the operation of the solar stations of our company.
    • Diagnosis of errors.
    • Customer is informed withing an hour in case of error occurance.
    • Contact equipment manufacturers, drafting documents and complete the process required in the case of equipment replacement under warranty.
    • Detailed monthly reporting errors.
    • Advice on the best performance of the solar stations.
  • Central Inverters availability (spare parts)

    Our warehouse in Greece has a number of materials (spare parts) for SMA Sunny Central central Inverters . It is sized in such a way as to directly cover the > 99% of cases of lesions of the inverters of our customers. In this way it is achieved the shortest possible sending of the necessary materials (< 48 hours) and hence the shorter time of restoring a fault.

    Without the availability of our warehouse and in case of failure, you must first launch the ordering of the required materials and then sent from Germany with long standby time (indicatively > 10 working days).

  • M/V & maintenance parts availability

    We undertake annual maintenance of medium voltage (M/V) equipment of PV stations while our warehouse have many (spare parts) on the side of M/V such as specialists transformers for the central inverters of various types.

  • SB / SMC / STP Series Inverters

  • SCxxxHE / SCxxxCPXT Central Inverters

  • Solar moduls

  • Inverters

  • Racking systems