Technical support available during the whole day throughout the whole year.

The uninterrupted operation of the inverters, is a key factor in maximizing the availability of energy and therefore the economic efficiency of the solar station. In case of failure of an inverter, it is important that early diagnosis of the error and a prompt mobilization to place all the actions needed to repair the damage.


Phone support | E-mail

In case of failure of a converter, telephone support is provided for all hours of the day and all days of the year. Specialized technician of our company is available by phone, who can serve directly for the following

First level support

Remote control of the inverter via the telemetry link.

Provide guidance and directions in your company electrician who is already at project aimed at direct repair the damage by himself.

Second level support

If after the above actions, the damage can not be remedied remotely or by an electrician who is at project:

  • we diagnose the fault.
  • all necessary informations collected to make the supply of required materials / parts and schedule a visit to the project of qualified technicians of PV Solutions.

Issues management with Manufacturers, Insurance Companies & LAGIE / DEDDHE